• Fore rib of Beef

    A visually stunning Fore Rib of Beef centrepiece with prime rib meat, Untrimmed and left on the bone for maximum flavour. Our Fore Rib of Beef has lovely well-marbled meat that caramelises upon cooking. All our beef is grass fed and we use dry age maturing techniques, making for natural succulence and outstanding flavours. Perfect for traditional roasts or celebration dinners.
  • Rolled Brisket

    Ideal for slow roasting and a cheaper alternative to the more pricey cuts, Our Welsh Rolled Beef Brisket is great value for the perfect Sunday roast or mid week meal.
  • Rolled Rib of Beef

    Our Rolled Rib of Beef offers characteristic marbling running through the meat, which gives our beef its flavour and natural succulence upon roasting. Exclusively sourced from grass fed herds, this robust, meaty joint is dry aged by our Master Butcher on the bone, before being skillfully boned and rolled specifically for your order, for a celebration joint of the highest quality.
  • Silverside

    Silverside is taken from the hindquarter, and this large, lean, boneless cut of meat has very little marbling of fat and a wide-grained texture. It gets its name from the shiny silvery membrane covering its internal surface.
  • Topside of Beef

    A popular cut of beef for roasting, beef topside is taken from the rear of the cow, also known as the round. When roasted, topside has a good beefy flavour and a tender texture. Taken from grass-fed British cattle, our topside is great quality, and this is our best-selling beef roasting joint.

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