Our pork is brought to you from three hand-picked farms across Wales. All of our pigs enjoy a relaxed, stress-free environment where they are free to roam outside and take in the clean, fresh air of Wales. This gives our pork a unique flavour, boasting an essential fat cover and rich succelence that is lost in intensive farming.

Our pigs are reared for longer to ensure the meat is never rushed, giving it the creamy, wholesome and nutritious qualities pork should always have.

We have a regular supply of fantastic quality Welsh pork from Mr Davies’ farm at Ty Gwyn in the Brecon Beacons. Depending on availability, we also have high quality pork from the Harper family, who own a small family farm in Treffgarne, and the occasional rare breed pork from Trehale Farm near Mathry. All of our dedicated farmers rear their pigs to the highest possible welfare standards to bring us the very best meat.

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