All you need to know about Prendergast Butchers finest T-bone steak…..

  1. All our beef steaks are sourced from farms in West Wales.
  2. Why is it called The T Bone steak?
  • There is a piece of bone in the centre of the steak in the shape of a T. The bone is part of the back bone of the animal.
  • Either side of the T shaped bone are the steaks, the larger piece is the Sirloin, this is from the top of the animal and has a layer of fat. The smaller steak is Fillet, the most tender of steak cuts.
  1. The T bone is regarded as one of the fullest flavour steaks because it combines the two best cuts of steak cooked on the bone.
  2. We select only the finest T bones with just the right amount of fat cover and perfect marbling in the meat.
  3. Our T Bones are hung for a minimum of 30 days prior to being cut freshly to your requirements we recommend having your T Bone ¾ to 1 inch thick and up to 1 ½ for those who are hungry.


If your steaks are still in the fridge take them out! They should be left in room temperature – at about 21ºC for a good 30 minutes before cooking.


We like to cook our T Bone in the pan

First season the steak on both sides with a little salt and pepper rubbing gently into the meat.

Heat the pan until it is very hot. This is so important as a warm pan will result in loss of flavours. Make sure the pan is shimmering hot don’t add any oil to the pan.

Place the steak in the pan, don’t move it around leave it still for 2.5 minutes then turn over for a further 2.5 minutes. Again don’t move the steak around we find it will give you the best flavour when you don’t lift and move the steak.

While cooking make sure the pan remains very hot but not burning. The steak will cook in its own juices

Take the steak out of the pan and leave it to rest for a further 5 minutes this allows the meat to absorb the juices.

Then serve with hand cut chips or sauté potatoes and mushrooms for the best steak ever!