October 2019

Steak Tales: SIRLOIN


ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PRENDERGAST BUTCHERS – SIRLOIN STEAKS   Sirloin comes from the back of the cow, behind its ribs but ahead of the rump area. This is the same area as the T-Bone and top sirloin cuts originate. Sirloin cuts are often the leaner parts of a steak, with high protein and low fat content. Sirloin [...]

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September 2019

Steak Tales: RIB-EYE


All you need to know about Prendergast Butchers Delicious Ribeye Steaks..... 1.When it comes to steak, there is no question about the rib-eye being one of the top choices, and one of the best steaks on the market. 2.The rib eye steak is cut from the roast, which is usually described as the meat from [...]

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Steak Tales: T-bone Steak


All you need to know about Prendergast Butchers finest T-bone steak….. All our beef steaks are sourced from farms in West Wales. Why is it called The T Bone steak? There is a piece of bone in the centre of the steak in the shape of a T. The bone is part of the back [...]

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