• Pork chops

    Our Pork Chops are hand-cut by our butchers from the pork loin. A natural layer of lovely dense fat ensures a mouth watering succulent chop, with a traditional distinctly British taste. Pork Chops without this fat, is simply too dry in our opinion. Cut from the loin end as opposed to the shoulder end, make these a lovely chop perfect for grilling up a great family meal any time of the week. They can also be a great alternative to a bbq, just be careful not to burn them if the coals are too hot.
  • Once a favourite, Pork Steaks are being rediscovered as a great value cut, with all the flavour and succulence other steaks have to offer.  Pork Steaks offer lean character, but with fat cover and rich, juicy flavours. As such, they’re ideal for easy mid week meals, or Saturday night treats, with the pork showcasing the quality of our free range pigs which are allowed to mature at their own pace on hearty diets.