Poultry with outstanding deep flavour and texture & Game sourced from Welsh moors and forests.

Our chicken, turkey and duck is known for its outstanding deep flavour and texture. This distinct taste and succulence is achieved using only traditional farming methods and by adhering to the highest welfare standards.

Whether you choose our barn-reared or free-range birds, they have all been carefully reared to maturity right here in Wales, giving them the look and deliciously distinctive taste of traditional poultry. Our large Capon chickens are reared just a few miles away at Headlands Farm in Ambleston. All of our turkeys are traditionally reared in a time honoured fashion by the Scale family, who have over 80 years of experience in rearing turkeys at Upper Haythog Farm.


Our venison, game birds and rabbits all enjoy wild grazing on a mixture of fresh grasses, herbs and flowers giving their meat a distinctly deep, rich flavour. Our game birds and rabbits are primarily sourced from the Welsh moors and forests before being expertly prepared on the butcher’s block. Our game is very lean and rich in protein, making it an exceptionally healthy and tasty meat. Our venison is also rich in iron, ensuring this fine-grained red meat bursts with flavour.

Our game birds are only available according to the hunting season, which commences on August the 12th, and ends on January the 31st.

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